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The language of gemstones is an ancient way to speak from the heart. The gift of a gemstone has an extra layer of meaning from this long tradition. To find the gem that symbolises what you want to express, click on the gem vocabulary below.

A gift of this gem says you're not just kidding around.

New marriage? New job? Witness Protection program? Start that new life out right with this gem.

Squeeze this gem and it gives off electricity. Give it and create sparks.

Show your appreciation for your designated driver with this gem.

The ancients believed this gem contained an unquenchable fire: use it to start your own eternal flame.

Marital harmony
Say you're sorry, give your spouse this gem and promise that it will never, ever, happen again.

Lipstick on your collar? Hardhat in your backseat? Maybe a gift of this gem is a good idea?

This gemstone may not help create quintuplets. But twins aren't out of the question.

Use this gem to call for a truce.

The soul
Take your love to a higher plane with a gift of this gem.

The gem of Venus says love lot more persuasively than a dozen roses.

The sun
Does she light your days?

Divine favor
Bishops wore this gem to symbolize their divine stature.Tell someone you love you think they're heavenly.

Show your faith that things will work out with a gift of this gem.


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